Privacy Policy

When you use, you agree with our privacy policy and voluntarily agree to share some information in order to use this site. Some of the information is what you give to us (e.g. your name) and some of it is technical information (e.g. cookies) that is used by our web app.
This document details how collects, stores and uses information of it's users along with how you can opt-out of sharing some of that information.

Collection of information

We collect your information in following ways:
  • When you give your information

    You share your name when using planning-poker. There is an input field which says "Enter your name" on when you click on "New Planning Session" or "Join Ongoing Session" buttons which is used to collect this information.

    You are free to use an alias instead of your real name.

  • Technical information

    We use Firebase Analytics to track usage data in order to gain insights into what features are being used and how. This data is anonymous, does not use analytics to collect any personally identifiable information of a user. This data enables us to make informed decisions regarding various app features and performance optimizations. The usage data that is being collected consists of Page visits and button clicks.

Storage of information

  • What information is stored

    The name chosen by users in the planning-poker session, the anonymous firebase user id for each user, the latest planning-poker points submitted by all the users and the planning-poker session name.

  • Where is the information stored

    Geographically, the information is stored Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  • How long is the information stored

    We delete your name information from our database within one month from the planning poker session starting date.

How is the information used and shared?

When you join or start a planning poker session, your name is shared with other users who join that session. Apart from that, we do not share your name with any third party.

How to opt-out of sharing your name?

You can go to your browser's history and delete cookies belonging to This will delete your session information and your name that are persisted on the cookie.
You can always choose to not share your name, you can use any alias you want. Please make sure it's not offensive.